Products: Air

產品: 空氣



1 professional air treatment


2 O2 Generation System

製氧系統 (中央式)


3 Thermal (Hospital)

高溫殺菌式 (醫療級)

4 PCO - TiO2 (Small)

光催化式 (家用及商用)  

5 PCO - TiO2 (Hospital)

光催化式 (醫療級)

6 HEPA (Small)

高密度式 (家用及商用)  

7 Ultraviolet UV (Small)

紫外光式 (家用及商用)

8 Ultraviolet UV (Large)

紫外光式 (商用及工業)

9 Electrostatic

靜電式 (商用及工業)  

10 Multi-function (Small)

多功能 (家用及商用)

11 Multi-function (Large)

多功能 (商用及工業)

12 Toxic Gas Removal


13 Odor Removal


14 Odor Neutralise




Cold Type





抗菌 / 防霉塗層


Organic Type


Inorganic Type


PCO Type



Products: Water

產品: 水處理

Electrostatic Type


Products: Service

產品: 服務

IAQ Measurement


Water Measurement



Products: Others

產品: 其它

Automatic Dispenser

自動洗手 / 消毒機

Sticky Mat - Sanitizing

粘貼消毒地毡 - 即棄形


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Indoor Air Quality, IAQ,             室內空氣質素, 香港, Hong Kong Air Purifier Center,             香港空氣淨化器中心

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Measurement




Indoor Air Quality Measurement

As an IAQ solution provider, Hong Kong Air Purifier Center provide measurement of IAQ parameters and help customer to apply IAQ Certificate according to Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s Guidance Note in Hong Kong. We also provide FREE recommendation for customer to improve the IAQ level in her area.


Cause of indoor air pollution

The primary cause of indoor air pollution is the emission of polluting gases or particles indoors.The poor outdoor air quality also brings in air pollutants and odour into the ventilation system of the building. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor air pollutant levels by not bringing in enough fresh air to dilute the pollutants and carrying them away. High temperature and humidity levels can also increase concentrations of some indoor air pollutants, such as formaldehyde or bacteria.


Common indoor air pollutants found in air-conditioned buildings

Common indoor air pollutants found in air-conditioned buildings include carbon dioxide, respirable suspended particulate, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds and airborne bacteria. The level of some combustion products like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide may be high if there is a carpark close to your premises or burning stoves are used indoors (e.g. in barbecue restaurants). Elevated level of nicotine and respirable suspended particulates is not uncommon when there is smoking activity in the premises. In addition, the level of ozone may be high if a number of ozone emitting office equipment like laser printers, photocopiers, fax machines, are used in office without sufficient ventilation. For details, please refer to the IAQ leaflet entitled "Indoor Air Quality and You" published by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).


12 Parameters / 12種之項指標

室內空氣質素指標 IAQ Objectives


Scope of Work

To identity the measurement location

To measure the IAQ parameters

To prepare the measurement report and laboratory report

To suggest improvement method when the measured result is fail to comply with the EPD requirement

To re-measure the related parameters after improvement work has done.  

Assist to contact the third party (CIB) to apply IAQ certificate
[Note: Customers need to engage an HKAS approved "IAQ Certificate Issuing Body" (hereafter referred to as "CIB") themselves.]


For more details: www.iaqhk.com


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