Products: Air

產品: 空氣



1 professional air treatment


2 O2 Generation System

製氧系統 (中央式)


3 Thermal (Hospital)

高溫殺菌式 (醫療級)

4 PCO - TiO2 (Small)

光催化式 (家用及商用)  

5 PCO - TiO2 (Hospital)

光催化式 (醫療級)

6 HEPA (Small)

高密度式 (家用及商用)  

7 Ultraviolet UV (Small)

紫外光式 (家用及商用)

8 Ultraviolet UV (Large)

紫外光式 (商用及工業)

9 Electrostatic

靜電式 (商用及工業)  

10 Multi-function (Small)

多功能 (家用及商用)

11 Multi-function (Large)

多功能 (商用及工業)

12 Toxic Gas Removal


13 Odor Removal


14 Odor Neutralise




Cold Type





抗菌 / 防霉塗層


Organic Type


Inorganic Type


PCO Type



Products: Water

產品: 水處理

Electrostatic Type


Products: Service

產品: 服務

IAQ Measurement


Water Measurement



Products: Others

產品: 其它

Automatic Dispenser

自動洗手 / 消毒機

Sticky Mat - Sanitizing

粘貼消毒地毡 - 即棄形


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innoclean - OceanClean: Ultraviolet UV Air Purifier / Air Cleaner> Domestic & Commercial


Ultraviolet UV Type Air Purifier

( Domestic and Commercial )


Ultraviolet UV Type Air Purifier

( Commercial and Industrial )



Series: Ultraviolet Sterilizing Table Lamp

- 38W CN-SZT-01/02
- 60W CN-SZT-03/04

innoclean UV-C Ultraviolet Sterilizing Table Lamp (Wavelength: 253.7nm) is a great solution for kill bacteria, microorganism and mites. It is effective to sterilize area, home, hotel, bedrooms, clothes, bedclothes and kitchen tools, etc.

According to medical research (Hong Kong Medical Journal Vol 13), the allergic culprit is dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus). The research signified 95% of allergic is caused by mite (95%). The other allergens were in order of cockroach (23%), cat (14%), dog (5%), mold (4%), and pollen (3%). Dust mites particularly suitable for growing in warm, moist, dark place. Hong Kong due to the mild climate (15°C-30°C), high humidity (relative humidity of 50% -90%), is the most suitable place to breed dust mites. As the air is full of floating dust mites spread, and it is able to sneak into hiding in prolonged contact our pillows, mattresses, blankets, carpets, curtains and furniture, cloth and other soft materials in general, and high-speed growth and reproduction. According to statistics, the average per bed, at least 15 million mites live in bedding.

From scientific research shows that ultraviolet light can directly damage the DNA of bacteria, effectively killing the bacteria directly.


l       Preset delayed start ensure safety to use

l       Applicable area: 38W for ≤40m², 60W for ≤60m²

l       Nano-metal coating (improve protection, durable, high transmittance,                  bactericidal effect stronger)

l       Simple and durable design, iron craft

l       Direct and remote control

l       Timer-off (15 / 30 / 60 minutes)

l       Medical grade & 99.99% sterilization rate

l       No Ozone Generated

l       Free Standing
l       Easy to carry and storage



l       Kill bacterial, microorganism and virus

l       Removal dust mite

l       Sterilized articles for daily use, tools and room

l       A substitution for sun drying


Testing and Certificate:

l       Guangdong Detection Center – Microbiology Report

l       CE Certified

More details for Ultraviolet Sterilizing Table Lamp





Ultraviolet Sterilizing Table Lamp




無線遙控 / Remote Control


耗電量() / Consumption Power (W)

38 W

60 W

輸入 / Input


延遲啟動 / Preset delayed start

YES (30 seconds)

顏色 / Colour


UV Intensity

9,800 microwatt/cm²

12,300 microwatt/cm²

最大適用面積(平方米) / Area (m)



建議使用時間 / Suggested Time
空間尺寸 / Room Size: 10m²

15 minutes

空間尺寸 / Room Size: 20m²

30 minutes

15 minutes

空間尺寸 / Room Size: 40m²

60 minutes

30 minutes

空間尺寸 / Room Size: 60m²

60 minutes

建議UV Lamp有效期()
Suggest UV Lamp Replacement

8 years (Around 8000 hours)

Dimension (H x W x L) mm

450 x 190 x 190

600 x 190 x 190


Series: OceanClean

Model: UV600 Germ Hunter

innoclean OceanClean 系列 (PTU600 及 UV600) 已列入的適合用於餐飲業務指定規格的空氣淨化設備表,適合餐飲業、酒店、安老院舍及宿舍等使用。PTU600 及 UV600 可以掛牆或天花形式安裝,省卻佔用地面空間。



OceanClean UV600 Germ Hunter Ultraviolet Air Purifiers will destroy biological & chemical contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke, cooking & pet odors, diesel fumes and thousands of other airborne contaminants.

OceanClean - Germ Hunter >>> make it possible to effectively and efficiently treat moving air with UV Energy.


Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp (UV), PCO and Plasma IONS (+/-)



l       Ceiling Mounted / Wall Mounted / Free Standing

l       3 different model available: UV600 / PTU600 / Plasma 600

l       Durable Metal Casing with Epoxy Coating

l       Cyber design - LED Lamp Indication

l       Remote Controller

l       Equip with internal fan

l       Equip with “innoclean” high output UV Sterilizing Lamp

l       Equip with washable “ITP” TiO2 coated metal filter

l       Equip with Plasma Ions (+/-) Generator



l       Bacteria and Virus kill

l       Removal bad odor

l       Remove toxic chemical e.g. TVOC and HCHO…

l       Remove Dust Particles


Testing and Certificate:

l       ALS Testing – TiO2 Material

l       ETL Testing – PCO Filter

l       MSDS – TiO2 Material

l       LAWN – IAQ Performance Test

l       CE, UL ROHS Certified





Purification Theory:


Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)

The key to PCO is the photocatalyst. A photocatalyst is a chemical compound e.g. TiO2 Titanium Oxide that becomes highly reactive when exposed to various wavelengths of UV light. In the presence of organic pollutants, such as hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, alcohol, ketones and aromatics compounds, the active photocatalyst attacks the pollutants’ chemical bonds, converting the toxic compounds into benign constituents, such as water and carbon dioxide.


Photocatalytic systems have the ability to convert toxic carbon monoxide, at room temperature, to non-harmful carbon dioxide.  This is a major development because carbon monoxide often is a cause of sick-building syndrome and it cannot be removed from the air with any type of absorption media.



PCO Process



Germicidal ultraviolet - UV

l       Germicidal ultraviolet - UV of 253.7 nanometers wavelength - kills germs, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and spores, that transmit infections, cause allergies, trigger asthma attacks or cause other unhealthy effects.

l       UV destroys the DNA of these microbial contaminants rendering them sterile. If microbes are irradiated with enough dosage germicidal UV, they can no longer reproduce and over time disappear from the indoor environment.


Germicidal UV has been used safely and effectively in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years.



"innoclean" UVC "J" Type Sterilizing Lamp in OceanClean UV600 Germ Hunter


UV Light Air Purifier Facts
The Centers of Disease Control (CDC)
疾病控制及預防中心 recommends the use of ultraviolet light for air sterilizing use, which is offered in the OceanClean - UV600 Germ Hunter air purifier. 
The U.S. government now specifies that UV light should be used in air handling units to improve indoor air quality in government buildings, by controlling airborne and surface microbial growth. 
The Air Institute of Respiratory Education suggests UV lights be used in buildings for indoor air quality purposes, and states that may be the final line of defense against those diseases that have developed resistance to drugs, such as tuberculosis and others. 
According to the Aerobiological Engineering Dept. at Penn State University, the ultraviolet component of sunlight is the main reason microbes die in the outdoor air. The die-off rate in the outdoors varies from one pathogen to another, but can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for a 90-99% kill of viruses or contagious bacteria. 
The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV lights in homeless shelters to prevent the spread of disease, particularly TB (tuberculosis).


OceanClean – Germ Hunter tell you that to determinate the air cleaner can really kill the bacteria and virus in your environment, it’s depends on the UV Dosage of the UV Lamp can provide.



Plasma Ion:

Breathe air as clean & fresh as Australia Mountains

OceanClean Ionizer’s Secret - Small Ions


Ions exist in nature in various sizes.  Small ions only last between 30 and 300 seconds, but they are very active. Small ion levels range from 900 to 1,100 negative ions and 1,000 to 1,200 positive ions per cubic centimeter (ions/cm3) in an ideal "fresh air" environment, like at the top of a mountain.   At sea level we typically experience 500 negative and 600 positive ions. In cities and inside buildings the ion levels drop by 80% to 95% and are sometimes barely detectable in small spaces. As the ion count decreases, so does the air quality. By increasing the quantity of charged oxygen ions to “fresh air” levels, oxygen molecules can once again become active and air quality improved. The OceanClean technology reproduces mountain elevation ion levels indoors. This is the basis of the technology.

Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, OceanClean technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in active oxygen molecules, otherwise known as ions. The OceanClean system creates a measurable and controllable quantity of positive and negative oxygen ions.  The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron resulting in an unstable condition.  These unstable ions provide the following benefits:


Benefit & Functions / 好處及功能


Particle Reduction /

去除粒狀污染物 - 塵埃, 二手煙, 霉袍子及過敏原等
Airborne particles are charged by the ions through ionic bonding. These charged particles stick together, becoming heavier and then falls to the floor. These larger particles are also returned through the air conditioning system or vacuum cleaner where they are captured by the filter. E.g. dust particles, cigarette smoke, mold spore & Allergen


Odor Neutralization / 去除異味
Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with active oxygen molecules. Odors, especially of an organic origin, are quickly eliminated.


Sterilization / 消毒殺菌
As they divide in the split zone, bacteria, virus and mold spores bond with active oxygen molecules and are oxidized and destroyed. The bacteria and spores can no longer multiply. Additionally, particles are the vehicles that transmit bacteria cells from person to person.  As the ions cause particles to fall to the floor, the result is less bacteria in the breathing zone.


VOC Control / 去除有機化學物
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
are emitted as gases where there is carpeting, building materials, furniture, office equipment, cleaning agents, paints, glues, solvents or pesticides. The ions trade electrons with these VOCs breaking down their molecular structures into less harmful ones e.g. H2O & CO2


Health Benefits / 提升個人整體健康
Human and animal lungs absorb oxygen more efficiently from clean ionized air, enhancing general health and well-being. Alertness and concentration is improved.










Testing Report

OceanClean - UV600 Germ Hunter

(Ceiling Mounted with Frame)



OceanClean - UV600 Germ Hunter

(Ceiling Mounted with in office)






OceanClean can kill bacteria & virus in "One Pass" Filtration

Because UV600 Germ Hunter provide UV Dosage

up to 4,280 (microWatt.sec/cm2) Hospital requirement








Product Name

“Germ Hunter”

TiO2過濾網 / TiO2 Filter


TiO2 filter size (mm)

300 x 120 x 20

TiO2 Filter


UV Sterilizing Lamp


UV Sterilizing Lamp size

J Type

UV Lamp Output (µW / cm2)


UV Lamp Output @1m (µW / cm2)


Internal Fan


無線遙控 / Remote Control


LED Lamp Indication


耗電量() / Consumption Power (W)


電壓 / Voltage (V)

220 - 240 / 50Hz

安全門鎖 / Safety Door Lock


顏色 / Colour


空氣流量 / Air Delivery (metre3 / hour)


最大適用面積(平方呎) / Area (sq. ft)

Up to 1,000

Suggested Filters Lifetime (yr)


建議UV Lamp有效期()
Suggest UV Lamp Replacement (years)

2 – 4 (25,000 hrs)

(9,000 hrs. drop 20% - 30%

Dimension (L x W x H) mm

480 x 320 x 170


尺寸(xx)毫米 (L x W x H) mm

480 x 320 x 20

重量 / Weight (kg)



Another model: OceanClean


PTU600 Toxic Hunter: Additional function for chemical & odor removal


Plasma600 IAQ Hunter:

For Total IAQ solution


OceanClean General Catalogue


市面上有不用牌子的紫外光殺菌燈或紫外線空氣淨化器, 同樣可做到不同程度的殺菌效能, 但一般市民都可能不知, 一支紫外光殺菌燈的效能是取決於它的"Dosage – microwatts. Sec. per/cm2". 一支高效能的紫外光燈比一支普通家用式紫外線空氣清新機內的紫外光燈可能相差幾十倍的效果. 選擇時請加以留意.

innoclean - Ultraviolet Sterilizing Table Lamp

OceanClean - General Catalogue

OceanClean - UV600 Germ Hunter Details

OceanClean - UV600 Bacteria & Virus "One Pass" Killing Table

OceanClean Installation & Dimension

OceanClean another model: PTU600   /   Plasma600

For Details : info@hkapc.org

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